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Nice to meet you (by Max)

Hi, nice to meet you! I guess this is where I am supposed to tell you about me and my upbringing so here it goes: born in the Philippines to a Filipina Mother and a Spanish Father, lived in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Barcelona, London and Madrid, worked for a little less than a decade in the hotel industry, have an intense passion for baking or anything that involves getting my hands in dough and I still have to recite the whole alphabet in my head while looking through a dictionary in order to find the right letter. Yes, I still look through an actual dictionary once in a while and yes, I know I could just GOOGLE it.

I never thought I would have to write my little entry in a “about us” section of a business webpage. Heck, I was convinced I would be running a hotel by the time I was 30, not setting up my own little café! Life is weird that way isn’t it? All the twists and turns you take and all the people you meet on the way seem so meaningless until you have a bit of hindsight to help you see the bigger picture.

A seed was planted in my head and heart by my father one morning, while we were having a coffee in a small café in Sitges. It was owned and run by a young woman who had set up the business on her own. “You should open a business of your own one day” he said, and I remember laughing at the idea. No, no! I was going to be a general manager of a hotel, just like him. Fast forward a few years and I’m sitting in cosy restaurant with Cris having a late lunch one Friday afternoon. Like all of our conversations, Cris and I spent hours and hours talking about absolutely everything, effortlessly changing between topics from religion to work to lifestyles to food and eventually to our common love of cafes and restaurants. The seed that I had in my heart found inspiration to grow and right there, in that restaurant that Friday afternoon, the idea of Little Big was born:  Simple, honest, wholesome food, unpretentious customer service and an overall ease and comfort in the space.

It took a long time, 3 years to be exact, for a couple more puzzle pieces to fall together in order to allow this little café to take flight; close friends and family members who helped nurse the baby to life. A few months ago, we finally took off and it has been a roller coaster ride ever since. Join us for the journey will you? 



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    Childhood recess games (by Cristina)

    Recess! We would cheer … “yeeey!, those marvellous twenty minutes of our childhood. Recess was where, as children, we would construct the most interesting ideas. I not only dedicated my time to child’s play but also to a peculiar game that, with hindsight, I have come to realize, was a hint of what would come to be.

    So what was that game, you ask? It would consist of moulding the tin foil that my mother used to wrap my snacks with, into curious little plates, cups and utensils where I would put the crumbs of my leftover cookies and chocolates. I’d invite my friends around for… I guess you could call it Afternoon Tea? Whatever childish game it was, in retrospect I understand that it is the very root of my future tendencies.

    As a child I had a natural inclination towards everything and anything to do with the kitchen, the dining table and celebrations. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, designing menus, table placements and serving unique dishes. It therefore made sense that a few years later, I would study protocol and customer care as part of my degree in Marketing and Communications. Visual Merchandising as part of my work experience was sort of the cherry on top.

    Like Max, but in a much more humble national scheme, I have lived in various cities. Born in Salamanca, I lived most of my childhood between Villagarcia de Arosa and La Coruna while the larger cities of Barcelona, Madrid and London would come later on in my life. The change in scenery would always pique my interest in new and exciting experiences and my photo album is filled to the brim with pictures of food, drinks, dishes, cafes and restaurants.

    Its easy to see now that everything I have lived through was simply preparing myself to create, alongside Max, The Little Big Café – an idea that developed three years ago amidst conversations and laughter on a public bus going from La Moraleja to Plaza Castilla and later took shape during a Friday afternoon, over lunch in one of our favourite places in Madrid.

    Today, thanks to the people who have believed in us and have taken a chance with us, we are able to bring this idea to life.

    We sincerely hope that you like it and that you enjoy what Max and I have, over the years almost without realizing it, been brewing.

    Welcome to our Little café with a Big heart.



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